Avoidance Is The Mother Of Invention

So I got some fat pants on Sunday, ’cause I got too fat for my, uh, fat pants. Do you know that feel? It is a weird feel. But! Fortunately, I am inspired rather than defeated, and I’m really looking forward to more time on the track and lots of skating and health improvements this year. To wit:

  • My league’s practice schedule changed, and now I don’t usually have a time conflict with class and practice. Hooray!
  • I’m walking correctly for the first time in my life thanks to an amazeballs PT (all together now: JILL LET ME LOVE YOU), which means, among other good-for-skating things, that I’m not building tendonitis in my shins anymore.
  • I’m actually taking my asthma meds. Like, all of them. I mostly don’t even feel like I’m cheating when I do it. Okay, fine, I still feel like I’m cheating, but I do in fact take them.
  • My husband (who, holy shet, has been my friend for ten years this month) knew that I wanted a juicer for Christmas. He not only got me a juicer, he got one for me from the auction at Rat City’s lovely Black-Eyed Ball. Swoon. I’ve been juicing it up and also making more meals at home out of reasonably healthy ingredients.

Hopefully, all of this goodness will help me bid adieu to my new fat pants sooner rather than later. I embrace any and every size/shape I might be when I’m taking care of myself, but when I’m not taking care of myself? Nope. Bring the change, 2013.

One last thing from the last practice I went to: I can run on my toe stops now! True story. We were doing a drill where we lined up four across and made a dash for the straightaway. Last one to the line was the jammer, other three walled up. I jammed the first time, and after a fruitless session of being all “hey guise can I get through plz no okay maybe I’ll try this side oh you don’t wanna let me through there either oh okay I guess we’re done now,” I was like FUH NO AM NOT JAMMING AGAIN. Which meant I had to beat at least one person to the line the next time, which meant I had to RUN. So I did. Just about took myself out doing it, but I honest-to-God ran on those suckers (the big ones from Crazy Skates Co.) Turns out you can go pretty fast if you don’t worry about how you’re going to land!

And on that hey-this-insight-probably-applies-to-life-outside-of-derby note, I’ma clean up and meet Ms. Arkham Allie for some pre-practice writing and conversation. Woot!


whoomp! there it is!

… and by “it”, I mean “the floor”. 😉

Practice yesterday was a hoot. Pro: building confidence, building speed and maneuverability, having the ladyballs to try new things even though they’re intimidating. Con: falling on my ass til every step I take feels like a punch to the hiney. Then again, that may not be a con–I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not being ready for some moves yet, nor with trying them despite said unreadiness. Only one way to learn, right?

The Gumballs have helped me with running on toe stops and track starts, but I’m still wibbly-wobbly. More strength will help, as will more practice, but for now a push-off and two steps is about all I’m good for. One day…!

And 180 degree stops. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. I struggle with them, but not for the reason that most newbs do. See, I’m some sort of mutant (my athlete husband assures me that hips are Not Supposed To Do This), so turning my feet out? Not a problem. In fact, I can turn my feet so far out that I can make them point slightly backwards. I am not a ballerina or a yogi, I have not specially worked on this type of flexibility, it’s just how I’m built. Trufax. So that part, I got. It’s the weight transfer onto one foot while picking up the other while turning around that wipes me out, literally. I can only do them when I’m baaaarely rolling, which tells me that eventually, I’ll get there. So far, though, no dice.

Speaking of skills that aren’t happening yet, omg backward skating omg. My body does not get this at. All. Something to work on in the kitchen, I guess!

Final thought: I really dig the footwork of the artistic skaters up at Lynnwood on Adult Skate Nights. I want to learn how to do that. Not sure how well it transfers to derby, but being able to dance around on the rink like it ain’t no thang? I can’t imagine that would hurt. 😀

Happy 2012, everyone! What are you working on this year, on the track or off?