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Books And Stuffs

First, a couchspud-to-athlete book I’d like to read: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Middle Age (penguin! d’aww!).

Next, random updates:
–One World practice has been fun and instructive. Plus, budding derby friendships. Excellent!
–Tryout season. Eee. That’s got me thinking about where “home” should be, derby-wise… I’m inclined to think that home is where I am, and I’ll let things develop organically from there. Still–eee!
–Speaking of tryouts, apparently Slutnik tried out for Rat City five times?! Mad respect for her perseverance and focus. I’ma take a page outta her book.
–Dear God I need to crosstrain moar. Offskates plyos plz? I have good intentions, but alas, the road to sitting on my couch under a blanket of nacho crumbs and cats is paved with good intentions.
–I’m reading Mind Gym because Derby Business told me to. It’s great! It’s aimed at professional athletes more than budding amateurs (the writer seems to assume that I’m in good enough shape to do what I need to, but my mind is all up in my body’s grill, which is not the case yet), but the advice is definitely transferable.

Finally, a check-in: how we doin’ out there? What are you working on? How are you working on it? Tell me all about it.


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